Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Different Kind of Rain (and what's going on in our homeschool)

For the past few weeks we have had a serious deluge of tree seeds!!  At the slightest breeze it's like storm raining down Maple and Elm seeds... Everywhere!

Large amounts of Maple seeds hanging from the trees.

Seeds in the driveway (they kinda blend in--but they're everywhere).

Seeds in the grass.

Seeds in my pots of herbs.
I clean them out almost daily but there's always more when I come back.
The herbs are sage (left), a few types of basils, and catnip (right in larger pot)

Maple seeds falling from the sky.

Elm seeds falling from the sky.

It's been interesting for me, watching spring unfold, since we are living in this new place.  Perhaps this is how it is every year.  It just seems a little, uhm... excessive.  "Mother Nature" being VERY generous maybe?

We do have our tomato and pepper plants in the garden areas now.  I'll try to take pictures soon.  Shortly after we got them planted (on Thursday) it started to rain... and it's been raining almost every day since then with severe storms expected this evening.  We're not supposed to get the worst part of the storm but there is a possibility that it may hail.  Hail is NOT a gardener's friend!!!

Life has been happily unevenful and quiet, although busy. We've been studying the sinking of the Titanic (of which today is the 100th anniversary) in our little homeschool.

We've been doing researching online...
 Studying our Eyewitness: Titanic book
Even DH spent an evening going through it.

And listening to the Librivox recording of this really
cool book.  Click on the picture to take you to the
Librivox page.

We'll continue to work on this project for another week or so.  If we had nothing but time and money on our hands I would love to build this...
Dream on!!  :-)

With the subject of the sinking of the Titanic still on our minds we will then move on to studying the book The Swiss Family Robinson.  Son #4 has been very interested in learning about primative survival skills so this will tie in wonderfully.  I love homeschooling!!  ;-)

Have a blessed and prosperous week!!! 


Chatty Crone said...

Interesting subjects there and lots of great things for home schooling -you make it look easy. Sandie

Carol............. said...

Hmmmm...interesting.....all those seeds floating around!