Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Reflections...

I hope that everybody had an awesome Easter Sunday...
Celebrating our Risen Lord!!

We had a great weekend!!
Son #3 came for a visit and brought along Daughter #2 and
 my sister's 2 youngest kids...
Cousins #5 and #6.
It was a blast!

Easter booty!!  Woo Hoo!!
We don't really eat a lot of candy anymore--but we do
indulge on Easter.

Son #6 was my egg coloring helper since
most of the other kids were having a good time
with their guests.  He really had a lot of fun getting
to do the eggs without his older brothers (or sisters)
taking over the project.  :-)

The birthday girls.
This year their birthdays fell just a few days before Easter.
Daughter #2 has her birthday one day before
Daughter #4.

One year, when Daughter #2 was just 3 or 4, her birthday
fell on Easter.  She was really angry to discover the next year
that it wasn't on Easter again. 
She fussed and fumed for weeks!!  ;-)

This year Son #3 took the Birthday Girls and Cousin #5
out to the movies to see The Hunger Games. 
Of course they loved it (though they said it was stressful).  :-)

Daughter #4 and Cousin #5.
Best Friends!!
They are just a few months apart in age.

The "little" boys.
Bundles of energy, always on the go.

All the kiddos present.
They're so goofy!!  Never a dull moment!!
Do you see the ball that Son #6 stuck up his shirt?

My Kombucha was a huge hit!!!
I gave Son #3 his own gallon jar to brew at his own place.
What a ham!!!

All in all a wonderful weekend!!
So many blessings to be thankful for!!!

Thank you Jesus!!!!


Chatty Crone said...

Easter to me is the best holiday ever! He is risen indeed. sandie

Teena said...

Love your pics! Everyone is growing! nothing we can do to stop it. I am already looking at what we will be using for school in the fall. Crazy me.

Much love,