Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yesterday, while out walking I caught sight of a robin perched on a fence with some strands of dried grass in it's beak. Then I saw it fly up to a nearby tree. It was making a nest in the crook of a couple of branches stuck together.
My mind's eye saw beautiful little blue speckled eggs that will soon be laid.

But as I looked closer I noticed that the crook of the branch was made up of a broken branch hanging off of an attached branch. I'm afraid that the nest might come down with strong winds if the branch becomes un-entwined with the other. The top of the loose branch is entwined with a section of the fixed branch and it is straddling another section at it's "V". Fairly sturdy, it appears. But I still worry.

Here is a view farther back to get the "bigger picture".
What do you think of this "scenery"?
Not very pretty is it?
There is just junk everywhere around here.
I long for beauty.
So I strive to make it happen.
But it will take time.
There is so much clutter/ugliness to conquer!!

This corner is where I am going to start with.  This is the northeast corner of the lot our mobile home sits on.  It's full of old leaves, long lost building supplies, trash, poison ivy vines and general debris.  There will be much raking and hauling off of the debris.  But it is a shady spot and will be perfect for my hostas that I dug up from the old place and have been scouting for a home for.  We have LOTS of shade here but I wanted a nice spot for them.  In time--and with lots of elbow grease!--it will be nice
Do you see all of the junk on the other side of the fence?
I can't do much about that. 
It's not ours.
But I can hide it!!

This is a beautiful variety of Ivy that I will be planting all along the fence that is between our side of the property and my in-laws side. This ivy is non-invasive and gorgeous! I will be purchasing from Mary's Plant Farm as soon as possible now that things are warming up outside.
Can you envision a 150 foot long 6 foot high wall of this?
I can't wait!!
We will only buy enough to do an initial row of 45 feet.
After it grows a bit I can cut a few sprigs and root them myself
for future planting of the remainder of the fence!  It will take some
time but will be well worth it, I think.

What do you think of my garlic sprouts?  Just ten days ago they were 3-4 inches below ground, newly planted.  And now here they are 2-3 inches tall!!  Amazing!!  I am so HAPPY they came up!!!

But the crowning glory of my day yesterday was this vision as I was driving to the grocery store after supper!
So beautiful!! 
Thank you Lord for the technology to capture this
beautiful sight!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

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Chatty Crone said...

You are so excited about the garden! I enjoy your joy. Happy St. Pat's day. sandie