Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Playing Catch Up...

Yes, I've been playing a bit of hookie!! Shame on me, I know. With all of the warm weather it's just been pretty hectic--adding in outdoor chores to an already busy schedule. Ah, but what fun!!!

This post is picture heavy cause I'm cramming in almost 2 weeks worth of goings ons...

During the record breaking March heat wave we had here in MO, with temps up in the mid 80s for almost a week straight, it was hard to keep cool. DH was fussing about needing to get the girls RV moved so that they were in the shade until I reminded him that because it's still just March there IS no shade!!!  Thankfully the leaves are growing pretty quickly now.
Trying to stay cool and not run the air conditioner too much.

Somebody had their 8th birthday!!! Son #6 had been counting down for weeks!! He was so happy when his special day rolled around!!!
He doesn't even eat cake!!!  But we sure liked it!!

This was his favorite birthday present. 
OK, his 2 favorite presents... the bike and that Daughter #2 was here.
She helped him learn to ride it (it's been a year since
we've had a bike his size around--and he wasn't too interested then).
He said she's the best teacher ever!!  :-)

That's my boy!!

Our first snake of the year!! DH said that he was every bit of 4 feet long... and probably more.

Beautiful Black Rat Snake

We had a few storms roll through. I love storms!!
Before the storm!

Here it comes!

After the storm!

I decided to go ahead and plant my Moonshadow Hyacinth beans early.  They grow fast!!  If colder weather comes along I can just cover them up.
They will climb the string trellis I made for them.

This is just from the first day they came up.
It took about 7 or 8 days for them to germinate.
Last year you could practically watch them grow!!

Now this is the life, huh?
A nice sunny spot to nap in.
Great reading material for after the nap.
What more could a weiner dog want?

What a sweet shot of the moon and Venus (taken last night 3/26/2012).

We've been getting in lots of yardwork time and I'm already working on having to weed the small patch of garden that we tilled.  The garlic is growing quickly.  I had to replant the spinach with some fresh seeds.  And I transplanted my 13 tiny seedlings of lettuce into the garden.  My other seedlings are all hardened off and ready to go into the ground.  I'm holding off for another week or so--at least until April!!  What a crazy spring!!

Our wild violets came early this year too.  I've been working on jelly and hope to post some pictures of that in the next few days.  Loads of fun!!  Love it!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, and I love the last one of the moon. It's beautiful! Have a great day!

Chatty Crone said...

You my dear have a wonderful life. Wonderful kids. Dogs. Happy Birthday and congrats on your bike. And a beautiful farm.
Love, sandie