Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Few Pictures to Share and A Special Venus and Jupiter Update...

I walked around much of yesterday with my camera in hand (actually it was in my shorts pocket most of the time). Seems like there were many photographic "moments"--which makes me wonder if everyday is the same and I just miss it? Or maybe some days just have more "moments" than others? Or perhaps each and every day is full of "moments" if we have the proper perspective?

I'm not a very good photographer and only know how to use a portion of the settings on my mediocre camera.  I confess that I just get pretty lucky most of the time when it comes to pictures.  And we only have a 100' x 150' lot of ground in which we call our own (not counting my in-laws property).  But I have a fairly nice zoom on the camera which takes me farther than I can physically go.

My snowbirding in-laws are home!!  Yay!!
I will confess unashamedly that I missed them!!
DH has been hanging out with his dad a lot.
I told him that I thought he must be happy that his parents are home.
He just "hhmmmph"ed at me with a half glare.
I think he might be morphing into a grumpy old man.
Imagine that.  Giggle.

The previous picture was taken in my in-laws backyard where
my father-in-law works on outboard motors.
But this is what lies beyond that chain link fence in front of where
they were standing. 
Beyond the highway and railroad tracks...
Farm ground with the hills of Illinois farther beyond. 
I watched these storm clouds brewing all day.

We live 30 miles or so from the St. Louis Lambert Fields Airport.
So we see a lot of these.

Later on in the day, 
closer to sunset,  
those storm clouds got really interesting.

Small flock of geese
flying toward the storm clouds.

Looking farther south.
I loved how the clouds were lit up behind the trees.

A diva shot.
Daughter #2 pretending that she doesn't like her picture taken.

A natural beauty!!

Looking up the bluff of our neighbors property
The setting sun.

Nearly the same spot at nightfall
Venus and Jupiter.

Tonight is a special conjunction of Venus and Jupiter. They will be within 3 degrees of each other.  While these two planets appear to cozy up quite often, Venus is in the process of passing in front of Jupiter. This phenomenon hasn't happened since 1818 and won't happen again until 2065. A once in a lifetime opportunity for me but some of my children should be able to see it again Lord willing.  Visit here to read more about it.

I'm holding my breath in hopes that the possible thunderstorms we have a 30% chance of seeing will stay away and the sky will be clear so that I won't miss this!!!

Not only was it cloudy and rainy last night but we got some pretty severe thunderstorms all around us!!!  And that's just the way it is for me regarding celestial wonders!!  Meteor shower?  Clouds!  Eclipse?  Storms!  Etc...  It's usually something!  But what can we do?  I'll just have to poke around and see if anyone else caught it.  :-)

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