Sunday, February 12, 2012

Snow Goose

I was outside this morning doing an errand for DH--without my camera, of course--when I heard geese overhead, honking. I could see them flying north but still a ways off. As I watched they turned west and started flying towards me. By then I was running for my camera. ;-)  And what good fortune because they weren't just the average flock of Canada Goose (Geese?).
These were Snow Geese. I've seen them once before and after a little research this morning I found out what they were.  The darker ones are just a dark form of a Snow Goose (formerly called a Blue Goose but is actually the same species only darker--a "morph" in color).

I am still amazed that even though we aren't in the "country" quite like before, the wildlife seems more abundant and varied (ok, so we don't have as many bunnies but I'm alright with that!  Cute little destructive critters!!).  A blessing to me for sure because I have to have lots of nature in my life!!  It's imperative to my survival.  :-)  The Lord is so good!

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