Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snowy Valentines Day!

It's a snowy Valentines Day in our neck of the woods this year. We got about 3 inches (or so) accumulation. It's already melting and will be gone by tomorrow, I'm sure.

While out walking the dogs this morning we did some "tracking"...

Kitty tracks!  See how they are almost in a straight line?

Perhaps one of these suspects are the culprit.
Speckles (top) and Squishy (bottom): two of my Father-in -law's kittys.

Dog tracks!  Here and there and everywhere!

This might be the guilty party.
Oliver, my aged Dachshund

Bird Tracks!

Caught in the act!!!

And this elusive creature?
I suspect she doesn't like having her picture taken!!  ;-)

I never tire of this scene.
The barn is not ours.  It belongs to our neighbor.
It's one of the very few scenic spots we have here.
Very, very few.
Most of the building structures here are old and dilapidated.
Not at all picturesque!
There is junk everywhere...
Some of it from trying to fix said old, dilapidated buildings.
Some from former renters.
Most of the eyesore objects are DH's parents stuff.
But I will be working to remedy all of that
with cleaning and gardening projects I have planned.
I love a beautiful outdoors!!


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Chatty Crone said...

I love seeing all the different animal tracts you have there.
Happy Valentine's Day. sandie