Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Son #1 (and Cousin #3)

Did ya'll know that I actually have an alias name?
Most people who know me say it suits me perfectly!! 
Pro Crasti Nation.
But I like it when everyone calls me by my first name
since it sounds so positive!! 
"Hey, Pro!"
You see?
It sound upbeat and skilled.

Ok, ok!
I hear you groaning!!  :-D

Last week Son #1 and Cousin #3 had a birthday.
Son #1 turned the BIG 3 - 0!!!
He's officially "old" now!!
Ha Ha!!
Last year I was more creative (read: had more time on my hands)
and posted lots of pictures.
You can see them here.
This year you can see what keeps him busy...

Cousin #3 turned 19

We have a few shared birthdays in our family.  I was born on my mom's birthday and my mother-in-law's is just the day before--plus my sister-in-law's is a few days before that.  Son #1 and Cousin #3 share the same birthday just 2 days after my dad's.  Son # 3 and Cousin #1 share a birthday (a day apart) several days after Christmas and is a few days after Son #4's birthday and Son #1's wife's birthday and a week and a half after Grandson #1's birthday and over 2 weeks after my oldest younger sister's birthday (put it this way... December is our all time "Birthday Month"!!).  Daughters #2 and 4 are just a day apart and 1 day after my step-dad's.  Son #6 and Cousin #2 are just a few days apart.  And my youngest sister shares a birthday with Cousin #5.   Interestingly enough, Grandson #1's birthday is 9 days before my daughter-in-law's birthday and Grandson #2's is 9 days before my son's.  :-)

In many ways it's easier to double or triple up and have a combined birthday party.  It's always lots of fun when you get to share your days anyway.  I can remember how exciting it was for due dates to be on or around someone's birthday.  The months without at least one birthday is pretty much nonexistant!!  :-)

I don't like to give out exact birthday dates--just to protect everybody. So that's why I'm usually late in posting birthday wishes. That and the need to live up to my name. :-)

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Chatty Crone said...

This is the fourth time I've read it is someones birthday today - it's mine too - lol! sandie