Saturday, February 25, 2012

Conjunction 2/24/2012

Beautiful conjunction last night!!!  Daughter #4 called me outside--and I went running.  I know that if they want me to look at something, it's usually worth the effort!! :-)  And boy was it!!  One of the things that I like least about living here at the new place (how long can I call it that?) is not having access to the wide open sky without light pollution.  All of the beautiful, mature trees tend to get in the way of viewing the sky.  And we're hemmed in on the west side by the neighbors stone bluff and the woods.  Then there's the dusk to dawn lights to hinder our view.  :-(  So it makes me happy to see a beautiful night sky in our little window of sight.


Chatty Crone said...

Gosh that was interesting - I had no idea it was coming and to be honest what it was. Sandie

andamento said...

Very impressive. We have quite a lot of light pollution here, not as bad as staying in a city but not as good as where I grew up where we had fantastic night time skies, I miss them.