Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rainbow in a Sunny Sky

I had a real treat this morning!!  Slept in a bit but Uno pounced me out of bed for his morning walk.  Usually I walk Uno and Oliver (our dachschund males) first in the morning, then Lila (our aged Black Lab/Chow mix) and finally Olivia (our female dachschund--who happens to be in "season" right now.  :-P).  It's nice how they so patiently wait their turn.  :-)

When I had walked out the door that first time this morning I glanced over toward the sun (like I do every morning) and noticed that there were broken clouds covering it a bit but that it was mostly shining through. I remembered that we are supposed to get rain later today and looked up to see lots of beautiful cirrus clouds.  I thought, "Going to be a warm, lovely day."

On the last trek out, after Olivia took care of her business I was about 100 feet or so to our little mobile home when I looked up and saw a rainbow in the cirrus clouds nearly overhead.  I ran as fast as I could to grab my camera (certainly not that fast but Olivia was pleased with the dash!), nearly knocking DH over when I got inside.

The colors aren't as clear as seeing them with the naked eye but it still looks pretty nice...

Nearly overhead looking toward the east.

Not the rainbow but pretty cool too.
This was directly behind me looking toward the west.

Faded out and a new batch of clouds but very beautiful still yet.
You can see it better if you sort of don't look straight at the rainbow.

As I stood there and watched, different sets of clouds drifted through I thought "This is just amazing.  See Lord, I'm not that hard to please!"  But then I realized that this sort of thing isn't something that you see everyday.  So I adjusted my thoughts to, "Lord you are SOOOOO... amazing!!  Thank you for sharing your wonders with me!!"  And about that time a flock of several hundred geese flew overhead way up in the sky--too high to capture with the camera though if you seriously blow up a couple of the pictures I took you can see them.  They were in perfect V formations and a wonder to behold.  I feel so loved!!  ;-)

Now, I know that not everyone is into this sort of thing.  DH wandered out to see what I was so excited about and he just kinda went, "Hmmph.  OK." and left.  I know that I rave a lot of the works of "nature" but I am constantly awed by the simple pleasures of the Lord's handiwork.  It's a bit of what makes me who I am.  I want to be a lover of life and to proclaim the wonders of the Lord--even if it's ho-hum to so many others.  I never tire of noticing the natural beauty all around me even when surrounded by man made ugliness.  :-)  I consider it a gift.

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Chatty Crone said...

Well I love rainbows too and I get quite excited when I see God's pallet. sandie