Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Daughter #3

Last week was Daughter #3's 17th birthday.
How can this be?
Even she can't believe it!! :-)
Such a beautiful and sweet girl!!
The "balm of Gilead" of our family.
A soul soother.

She wanted Jello cake for her birthday cake.  Blueberry
Our fancy dinnerware!!  ;-)
Convenience wins over elegance at our birthday parties!

Son #3 came in his new ride.
It's his first vehicle.
It's very nice.  :-)

He brought some of the cousins along!!

And took Daughter #2 back with him to my sister's when he left.
She doesn't really want to leave.
But she doesn't want to stay with all of our cramped "togetherness".  :-)

It was a great weekend!!
Happy Birthday Dear Daughter #3


Chatty Crone said...

Happy birthday daughter 3 and I use the same type plates. sandie

Teena said...

Doesn't take them long to grow up does it!? Our Wyatt turned 10 on Monday.

Time doesn't stop....

been a hard few days here. Sometimes I find myself asking why. But He refines and by His grace...

Much love,

Michelle G said...

we too have the same fine china ;) lol
I'd love the recipe for the cake - my best friends mom when I was in 6th grade made one and I've never figured out how to duplicate it :)
Prayin for ya- sending off an email today.

Carol............. said...

Happy Birthday! Daughter #3 has such pretty, peaceful face.

Good job on the picture Daughter #2!