Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Trip Down Musical Memory Lane

Today I've had to spend some time in front of the computer working on getting our tax stuff ready (I tend to procrastinate so it's usually quite the task!).  I thought that I would get onto YouTube and listen to some music while I was working.  I found myself tracking down some very special vintage Christian music.

When I received Christ on Easter morning in 1988 one of the first things that happened was that a young man, a member of the church, handed me several cassette tapes of Christian music--Petra, Sheila Walsh, BJ Thomas and a few others.  This young man was led by the Lord to share his music tapes.  From the moment that I was saved I knew that I would no longer be listening to the music that I had formerly been "enjoying"--it just wasn't acceptable.  And the Lord knew that I would need to fill that big part of me with something that was acceptable.  

Some of my favorite artists in the late 80's and early 90's are...

Psalm 1 was the first song that I heard on Christian radio that I had to have!!

Melody Green was my inspiration for many of my Pro Life convictions.

I loved Rich Mullins' passion and depth.

I loved all things Steve Camp!!

Awesome stuff!!

This CD calmed the beast in me MANY times!!

Rare CD that I would listen to over and over again!

I love "Casual Christian"!!  I still have this CD from all those years ago.

There was a lot of meat in this music.  As I listened again today to some of my old favorites I can see where much of my radical passion came from.  I was occasionally uhm... perhaps a little too passionate.  But oh the exhileration of being so newly in love with Jesus!!  Sometimes I wonder that I didn't just die of rapturous joy!!  Nothing can describe it.

The contemporary Christian music of today seems to lack some of the radical passion that existed "way back when".  I miss these "Greats" who have bowed out of the music scene or have gone on to Heaven.  And I'm thankful for the strong foundation in me that some of this vintage music helped form.


Chatty Crone said...

Don;t you just love Christian Music that moves you? We go to a contemporary service and I love those. Sandie

Mary Voogt said...

These CDs bring back good memories of my childhood/Christian development :) Nothing like the good old music.

Michelle G said...

PETRA! :) I actually got sent home from a private school because they did not believe the record (vinyl lol) was a "Christian Rock" group.
too funny!? Oh I had so many great tapes in 1988 :) I played them over and over and over!
Evie too! :)