Monday, January 30, 2012

A Surprise in the Compost Pile...

A bee!!  In my compost pile!!  IN JANUARY!!!  I am officially freaked out!!  :-)
I saw my 3rd large flock of geese this month headed north this morning.
Perhaps there is good reason for my early Spring Fever???
Hmmm... Very curious.

Got my onion seeds planted:
1) Red Burgundy Onions
2) Australian Brown Onions
3) Southport Red Globe Onions

Need to pick up another bag of seed starter to get my rhubarb and asparagus planted too!!


Tombstone Livestock said...

Not only did I have bees in my Rosemary and Lavender (not unusual since there are rented bee hives on neighbors property) but I saw a Monarch Butterfly on the Lavender.

GrammyK said...

I might mention that I live in Missouri (mid/northeast) and we don't have blooms of any sort (other than the dandelion I caught blooming a couple weeks ago) for these guys to find anything sweet. So I suppose that is why it was flying around the compost pile with our orange peelings and over-ripe bananas that I threw out. We won't have blooms for a couple of months yet--at least we're not supposed to!! What an interesting year it's been so far!

Chatty Crone said...

Okay I don't know much about this at all - but my plants area blooming already! sandie

Michelle G said...

Thank you for your understanding comment on my blog! It certainly helps when someone else has "been there done that" :)
Nothing new - but my husband is BACK in the hospital.
One of the things that bothers me the most is the younger siblings are CRUSHED by whats happening with the older ones. :*(