Monday, August 8, 2011

Momma's Boy

I confess that our youngest, Son #6, is a "momma's boy".  And I tell him, "Never let anyone tell you that's a bad thing!"  Ha Ha!!  Seriously, he loves his mommy.  He wants to be constantly nearby.  He's okay doing his own thing if he knows I'm close at hand but he doesn't like for me to go anywhere without him.

Recently we had a conversation that showed me the depth of his heart... 

As you may recall, we're living the camping lifestyle right now so we have to do all of our water use needs (like washing dishes) separate from our living quarters. Well, this little guy had a hankering for some Ramen noodles so we had to walk down to our trailer (that we will SOON start remodeling) to fetch a pan for his soup.  There was a storm some distance away and we could hear the thunder.  I was carrying the pan back to our travel trailer. 

He asked me, "Mommy, is this pan metal?" 
I told him that it was.
He said, "You should let me carry it." 
He knows a bit about lightning safety and knows that metal + lightning/thunder = danger. 
I told him that it was OK.  I could carry it. 
Then he said, "I'll carry it.  I couldn't live without you." 
I mulled that over for a brief second and then suggested that we BOTH carry it.
He was happy with that.

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