Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Just because I said that we're not having any Mother's Day festivities around these here parts doesn't mean that I am boycotting the day!!  :-)  I hope all you moms out there have a fantastical day!!

I'm so thankful for my Mom!!

And my Stepmom!!

And my Daughter-in Law who is mom to my precious grandsons!!

And all the other mom's in my life!! 

Thanks for your hard work and dedication in making your kids lives richer and this world a better place!!


Fruitful Harvest said...

Happy Mothers Day!

I feel silly saying that after all you are going through!
I can't even imagine!
My thoughts, prayers and love to you my dear blog friend!

In Christ,

GrammyK said...

You know that God's got to have a sense of humor!! If you can't laugh through some of the pain what's the point? And there are some things we're going through that are just too personal to share--and those hurt the worst. But we have our hope if Christ and he gives us the strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other. So thank you for your thoughts, prayers, kind comments and friendship!! You are very precious to me Georgiann!! <3

Carol............. said...

Hope things will sort themselves out for you. But then I don't really have to hope for that to happen because eventually all gets put into its rightful place for a better tomorrow.

Have a good week.....

Teena said...

praying for you... my friend. I did read your comment. Was a bit shocked. May God give you His strength. I do not understand some things... would love to chat and catch up. Feels like forever.