Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm Still Here... Barely :-)

Not a lot of time for the computer nowadays.  Still unearthing, sorting, packing and moving a lifetime's worth of accumulations for a family of 12.  Why are we such packrats anyways??  You'd think that I grew up in the Great Depression or something!! 

It's looking like we will be able to stay in this place for another couple of months (which is a good thing with the snails pace at which I'm getting things done!) but we're hoping to be totally moved by the first part of June.  Hopefully it's not just wishful thinking.  Seems like everytime I'm getting somewhere some distraction comes along.  But such is life--well, mine anyway.

Here's the latest additions to our family...
There are
  • 5 Americanas (Easter Egg Chicken): green, blue, or pinkish colored eggs
  • 5 Golden Laced Wyandottes: brown eggs
  • 5 Welsummers: dark brown speckled eggs
All are pullets (females: hens) ordered from Cackle Hatchery.  Or at least they are supposed to be.  Sometimes we get a cockerel (male: rooster) by mistake.  But if we don't end up with a male I'll have to go to our local farm supply store and buy one.  We like the protection they give to the hens and want our eggs to be fertilized. 

We've had them for a few days now and they're doing great!!  We love having chickens.

On a health note...
As if I didn't have enough trouble with my blood sugar (keeping it down), I've been worried lately about Son #3 keeping his high enough.  Hypoglycemia and diabetes both run in our families (and usually go hand in hand at different stages of life). 

He gave me quite the scare yesterday!!  He and Daughter #2 were staying over at the Cousins house for the weekend and had went to WalMart.  Some of the Cousins were donating blood at the Mobile Red Cross site there and Son #3 was waiting for them when he got to feeling really lousy.  He decided to go into WalMart and buy a soda figuring that his blood sugar was too low.  Well sure enough!  He said he got in the door and woke up on the floor.  He said that there was no one around and he must have come out of it really quickly.  Sadly he busted up his chin and broke a tooth.  To do his momma proud, he refused to go to the hospital (stubborness, dislike of doctors, and lack of money appears to run in our family!).  My sister has a lot of good practical, hands on medical knowledge so I had her do a assessment to see how he was and she said that his chin could probably use stitches but he was refusing to go.  So they put some Tienchi Powder on the wound with some added liquid Band-aid.

He'll probably have to get some work done to the broken tooth soon.  It was in the back (probably weakened by a cavity) so it's not noticible.  I told him that he was very fortunate that he didn't bite of his tongue or something!!  (DH had a cousin who fell down and bit his tongue clean down the middle--longways.  Yeah, really.  Go figure!)

What a ham...

Happy Mother's Day!!!
We are not celebrating this year for various, personal reasons.  But I hope all of you have a wonderful Mother's Day!!

I'm hoping to be able to catch up on all the blogs that I follow soon!  I sure miss everybody!!  :-)

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Teena said...

how are you? I am sorry I haven't kept in touch as much as I should. Praying for your son! scarey.

We are good... some good and some bad days. Dakota has now graduated.. so I am half way finished with home schooling. sad. Time goes so fast.

so why are you not celebrating Mother's Day? Where are you moving to? Didn't know any of that.