Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blessed Everyday Life

Aside from the everyday drama of packing and moving we've been busy with little surprises here and there.

We've been bartering with our neighbor who is a very resourceful junk collector/seller/trader. :-) And we have lots of junk that he's had his eye on!! We traded him a couple of riding lawn mowers that had some minor issues and our old International grain truck that we bought several years ago at an auction (no, we don't farm but I'm sure DH had some important purpose in mind when he bought it.  It does have a nice hydraulic lift on the bed that caught his eye!  Boys and their toys!!) for this nicely kept old-timer RV.   It's in really good condition for it's age and the guy who owned it before our neighbor must've been a Boy Scout because he was prepared!!  DH found replacement peices to nearly every little thing that might someday need replacing!!  Drawers and cabinets full of stuff--lightbulbs, mechanical things, motor parts, etc...  He's in camper heaven!!  ;-)
1976 Winnebago Class C.

Whimsical hood ornament

It's quite the step down from what we have and will be giving up but it'll be great for a couple of the girls to stay in until we find more permanent arrangements. Then maybe we can use it to travel again someday. :-)

Son #1 brought his family over for a little visit yesterday and the kids loved seeing their nephews!!
Daughter #3 with Grandson #2

Son #6 with Grandson #1

They discovered a little snapping turtle that the dogs were barking at.  We thought it best to save the dogs from getting hurt!!  Those snapping turtles are not to be trifled with!!

The 13 year Cicadas have been humming away around our house.  The kids like to collect their skins that they grow out of.  :-)  They are quite a few and they don't live long so we've got dead ones laying around all over too.  I always enjoy the cicadas and their noise every time they are here.  I like the regular ones too.

A couple of days ago Daughters #2 and 4 discovered a birds nest outside of their window in one of our Rose of Sharon bushes.  A mommy Cardinal is setting on eggs most of the day though the girls have said that the daddy comes around too.

There were 3 eggs when we took this picture 2 days ago but the girls said that she laid another egg yesterday.

I'm a little afraid that the cats might find the nest since it's only about 5 feet off the ground and not super protected.  We're looking forward to hopefully getting to see the baby birds hatch and grow a bit before we have to leave for good.


Carol............. said...

Looks like a great trade to me....hope you'll be able to take off in it for a little vacation soon.

Bet the kids had fun finding the turtle...looks awfully small to d any damage but we don't have them around hers so I don't know much about them.

Spring is here and all the birds around here are nesting and busy with babies.

I checked out the toilet you wrote about on your post and find that very interesting and something I'll definitely look into.

Fruitful Harvest said...

Hi Kris,

We have a Winnabago simular to that one! (not in as good of condition)
We use it for a spare bedroom for guests.....and the kiddos use it in the summer for a club house!

I love cardinals! We do not have them here where I live! :(
Very cool to see a nest!

You are in my prayers!

Peace and Love,