Monday, March 14, 2011

It Did What Last Night???

Checked the weather last night before bed and they were calling for rain changing to snow with a possibility of up to an inch of accumulation.  I woke up right as it was getting light outside and saw that it was white out.  "Well there's that snow they were talking about" I thought to myself.  A little bit later I got a call from Son #3... "Hey could you come pull me out of the ditch?"  Then I really looked outside. 
There was at least 4 inches on the ground and it was still coming down.  I tramped around in the snow for at least half an hour looking for our tow chain (yes, the same one that DH hauled me around the driveway in our old wrecked box truck with not so long ago!) but couldn't find it anywhere.  DH isn't the most organized guy and he has a terrible memory so before we could manage to locate it, somebody helped pull Son #3 out of the ditch with their truck. 

Last Friday the temps were in the low 70s and in just a few days that's the anticipated high again.  Never a dull moment!!

Yesterday was Cousin #2's (my nephew) 20th birthday.  Due to circumstances beyond his control he was stranded at our house for the day.  So we did the best we could for a last minute celebration sans any presents (besides his requested meal). 
Happy birthday and welcome to your 20s!!

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Carol............. said...

Happy Birthday to your nephew!

So do you think you will eventually thaw out? Can't believe all the snow everywhere around the country that's never had any or has had very little in the past. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr..