Friday, March 4, 2011

Our Week in Pictures

Decided to spend a little time putting some pictures up here of this past week. 

We FINALLY got to have Daughter #3's birthday party last weekend!!!  We kept trying and something would happen--namely someone else would get sick or someone couldn't be here... or something!!  But it just all kind of fell together and... Whew!!  I'm glad we finally got to celebrate this poor girls birthday!!

Momma always gets the honor of cutting and serving the birthday cake!!  It was very tasty!!  Daughter #4 did the (cake) decorating this year.

Grandson #1 "helping" unwrap gifts.  You can see by the look on his face that he has some experience with this kind of heart shaped gift.  That's the nice thing about having a birthday around Valentines Day--all sorts of sweets and love themed things to buy.

Grandson #2 trying to figure out the Sit 'n Spin.

Uno trying to figure out the Sit 'n Spin.

Cousin #2 (which is technically my Nephew #2) always cracks me up!!

Hail on our front porch.  I wasn't home for this event but Daughter #4 took this picture.  We normally don't get hail this early in the year.  And some years we don't even get it at all.  Usually it only happens when I forget to bring in my seedlings as I'm working to harden them off for planting--and they get ruined.

Nap time!!  Son #6 snuggling the puppy while Olivia keeps tabs.

As you can see, our life is kind of ho hum, but we like it this way.  On the flip side when it gets crazy (see my March 2nd post) it's pretty crazy!!  Ho hum is good.  :-)

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grammy said...

so cute seeing the sleeping boy and puppy (o:
Looked like a great BD celebration.