Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coldframe Experiment: The Results Are In (and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!)

Last November Son #3 and I built a makeshift coldframe out of 1 inch insulation board and duct tape. We planted a mix of winter lettuce and mustard greens seedlings. Our intentions were to put dirt around it and add hinges to the glass door. But as fate would have it, we didn't do anything else at all...

I checked on things from time to time but the glass was so foggy with moisture (mostly between the two panes of glass) that it was incredibly hard to see in. All I could really see was just green. So I figured that something was growing in there! :-) We had some days--maybe even a week--that the temperatures were in the single digits or lower. Very cold! I didn't really expect that my lettuce and greens would actually live much less thrive!! So here's what I found when Daughter #2 and I lifted the (really heavy!!) glass...
Can you see what's left of the melting snow?  And all that mud?  I love spring!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I'm really enjoying the green in my life!!!

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