Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Indiana Jones

In late spring/early summer we found a surprise in our warehouse (where we keep our stock/supplies for our family business). It was a kitty. A scraggly, scrawny, 3/4 starved kitty. She was pretty weak and probably wouldn't have survived much longer if we hadn't found her. Which was fortunate for Son #6 who had been asking for a kitty for a long time. Since we have 3 other kitties that hang out on the porch and one that hangs out with our goats and sheep (4 cats too many in my DH's opinion) I couldn't justify getting another one. But I promised him that if we ever got another kitty it would be all his. So to his extreme delight I let him have the one we found in the warehouse. He asked if he could name her and I told him that it was HIS kitty and he could name her whatever he wanted. It didn't take him long to figure out the perfect name... Indiana Jones!! Which is of course what he plans to change HIS name to when he grows up too. Giggle!!

She was a real mess from malnutrition and fleas, conjunctivitis and a sinus thing she still has. Not to mention about two weeks after we found her there was a bare patch on her neck and a hole appeared. The hole seemed to be "breathing". So we took her to the vet and discovered that she had a "grub" worm (the vet's description) and the hole was a breathing hole. Interesting. So the vet removed the "grub" and we dewormed and vaccinated her.

This picture is from about the time that we discovered the "grub" and she's still really skinny but not nearly like she was when we first found her.

Now, months later, with lots of good food and loving she's such a sleek, beautiful kitty.  She has the funniest personality and gets herself into the silliest situations.  She perches on our couch (that separates the living room from the dining area and is in the open) and waits for people to walk by so she can grab ahold of them and bite or play. 
She climbs into everything she can get into and loves baskets and boxes.
 She catches lots of mice and bugs and is really good about using the litter box--perhaps the kitties that are outside have shared their secret of their banishment and she took their tale to heart.  :-)

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