Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Halloween Comings and Goings...

Normally our family does not celebrate Halloween at all since becoming Christians back in 1988. In fact the last thing that we did involving Halloween was back in 1989 when we lived in a subdivision and handed out gospel tracts with a couple of pieces of candy in plastic baggies. So when daughter #2 was bemoaning the fact that she came home from Hawaii so early--before being able to be "free" to go trick or treating or to a costume party I thought, well sheesh, she's a big girl now and has been raised to know the dark origins of the holiday--so what's wrong with her doing a little trick or treating with her cousins? So I prayed about it, made her costume and sent her on her merry way (of course clearing it all with DH long before she left!!). She went to the Outlet Mall about 20 miles away on Friday with my sisters and a couple of the younger cousins. I think that her curiosity was satisfied and she doesn't feel "deprived" anymore. Really it was kind of a "ho-hum" experience though she really did love the costume. I wish that I had gotten to take more pictures but didn't have the time. It's hard to see how pretty the wings are in this one picture.

I used this pattern and did some modifications...
The pattern was on sale for $.99 at JoAnn's and I had the fabric in my stash for "rainy day" projects. I only had to buy thread and a zipper. So it was less than $5 for the whole fairy costume.


At home we had our own little party last night with snacks while we watched "scary movies". We watched the cartoons "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and "Garfield's Halloween" (candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy) and lastly "Monster House".

As the children get older they kind of feel like they are missing out on a goldmine of all that candy and activities. This way they had something fun to look forward to and it was safe and good fun for all. I enjoyed it as much (maybe more) than they did. :-)


Fruitful Harvest said...

Too cute~
Good job momma~

I think I packed on a few pounds eating to much candy~

Prace and Joy,

Teena said...

that is so neat. I have realized things like that too as we grow through the years of parenting. Things change as we have olders and youngers huh?

That is great about Compassion, neat to know. :) Where is your child/children from?