Friday, August 13, 2010

Garden? What Garden?

Life is composed of seasons.  Sometimes those seasons plug along with certainty and regularity.  And sometimes they don't.  But when you're sitting at the Master Gardener's feet it is always interesting...  Who would have thought that when I planted my seeds and seedlings last spring that it would all be for naught?  (Between the weeds, heat, and lack of rain everything was lost.)  Who would have thought that my time would have been consumed with the important job of taking care of my husband who was in excruciating pain from an old back injury that had finally matured enough to keep him in bed for weeks at a time?  (I had a lot more responsibility in our business than normal too since DH was out of commission.)  Or that he would need more nursing care after the surgery to correct the mess that was his lower back?  Or that I would find myself having my own crisis concerning my blood sugar spiking up to over 500 and all of the weeks after that plugging along with a radical new diet to help my blood sugar readings evolve into lower ones?  Life can be very confusing and disorienting at times.  Fortunately our Lord is the grounding center of my life.  So while I am bemoaning the loss of the garden and all the dreams that I had for it, I know that there are new seasons around the corner.

I hope to clear out some of the weeds in the garden that have grown taller than me to make room for some fall/winter crops.  I've already missed planting times for brassicas and most root veggies but since I've been having a huge salad every day it sure would help to have some fresh lettuce and spinach of our own.  So with that very small goal in mind I will humbly work to see those goals realized. 

I was only able to get part of my garlic out of the ground in June and know that what's left will not have much of a protective cover left.  If I can find what's left and dig them up I will possible be able to dehydrate what is salvageable and have my own organic garlic powder. 

I am looking forward to fall--my very favorite season of the year--with the promise of some much needed rest and reflection.  I will try to post when I have something worthy of posting.

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