Friday, August 13, 2010

Life is Challenging

Just thought I'd pop in and give an update on what's been going on in our lives--the stuff that has kept me from blogging. :-)

DH had back surgery on July 22nd and is now 3 weeks into his recovery. For several weeks before the surgery he could hardly get out of bed for all of the pain he was experiencing. His only way of coping was the promise of surgery (and lots of pain meds that weren't helping like they used to). I have pretty much been his round-the-clock nurse for weeks now ( sickness and in health, for better of for worse...). Fortunately he is mending nicely and working hard to not do too much. In fact he was able to clean the calcium deposits out of the hot water heater and replace the heating elements yesterday. Hooray!! So nice to see him happily busy again. My prayers have been answered!! For a Type A guy, being immobile and in pain is a REAL pain!! :-)

Unfortunately I've had my own health crisis as well. Over a month ago, after a stressful conversation with a family member I was feeling way, WAY too stressed out. I took some Tylenol PM before bed and slept for about 18 hours. When I got up I realized that I was starving and made a huge dinner of fried chicken and the works. After eating I felt really crummy. In fact I was feeling like I was about to die or something. A little voice whispered to my heart "check your blood sugar" and it turned out to be 521!!! I WAS about to die. I'd like to say that I went to the hospital and was treated and everything is groovy now but that's not how it went.

Everything is lots groovier now but it has been a lot of hard work of DIY insulin resistance self care. I fasted for 24 hours after that high reading and have went totally sugar free (meaning no sweeteners except for Stevia and a little Agave Nectar) and refined carbohydrates. At first I was totally raw for 2 weeks but being raw makes me lose my eyesight. After trying many times in the past to go raw and not being able to see after a week or so, I have had to accept that my body needs protein. So I added some meat into my mostly raw diet and within a couple of days was seeing definite improvement in my eyes (pun intended!).

My morning readings are now in the 170's and 180's as long as I don't cheat. I did go ahead and make an appointment with my doctor (whom I don't like). I see him on the 18th. I don't want to go right to insulin shots and hope that I can just do some form of pills. I'm confident that my blood sugar will continue to fall on it's own by adhering to my strict diet but I would like to eat an occasional "normal" meal without my readings shooting up into the 300s like it does now.

I have a lot of healing to do and am doing lots of research. Being into the traditional foods movement (which I haven't had the money in the past year to continue practicing--perhaps it may be why I'm having these problems) I am looking into the The Schwarzbein Principal. I've ordered some books and look forward to reading them.

Add all of this to daily life and it's pretty chaotic. I am working to care for my body and maintain way less stress in my life by praying and practicing contentment more. I had let myself get out of hand with my eating and feeling stressed--but that's in the past. I cannot let my past failures get to me. Every day is a new one and I have to be responsible now in a way that I formerly wasn't. In a way I am thankful for the new challenges to force me to be more than I am if I'm left to my own devices. That's just kind of the human way, isn't it? :-)

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