Monday, June 14, 2010

Garden Update :-(

Wow!! Life has been moving at the speed of light lately and doesn't seem to be polite enough to inquire whether I'd like to slow down and blog every now and then!!

To tell you the truth, the garden isn't all that I hoped it would be this year.  Well, it's like that most every year but this year has been worse than usual.  It was a cold, wet early spring which didn't allow for good soil prep or planting.  Then it got really hot and dry while we were out of town for our son's wedding and we lost our strawberry crop because I didn't realize that it wasn't getting watered like it should (the kids did attempt a watering but it wasn't enough) and the strawberries just dried up.  Sigh.  Now it's hot and wet and I still have 4 trays of seedlings to set out that I can't get done because it's rained so much.  Some years are just like that, I tell myself.

So far, here's what's been done...
  • Peas planted and are pretty much done.  I've never been able to grow a bumper crop of peas because our area seems to go from cold to hot with very few temperate days between.
  • Carrots planted and looking nice.  They need a good weeding and thinning.  
  • Beets planted and looking nice.  Ditto with the weeding and thinning.
  • 20 Sweet peppers planted.
  • 22 of my 50+ tomatoes are planted.  The rest are part of the seedlings left to go into the ground.
  • Sunflowers planted and replanted.  (The chickens love fresh sunflower sprouts!)
  • Pickling cucumbers planted (along our garden fence) and coming up nicely.
  • Baby Boo pumpkins planted (along fence as well) and coming up nicely.
  • Rosemary transplanted in the herb bed.
  • Valerian seedlings planted.
  • Stinging Nettles planted.
There is obviously tons that still needs to be done--and since it's the middle of June we're really reevaluating what we're going to do.   Time is short and Son #3 who is my garden buddy is working full time (and more!) so isn't able to help with the tilling much.  We're also having a plague of mosquitoes this year.  Oh to live in Eden!!

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