Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sad News

I'm sorry that I've been MIA for so long. I've been kind of down lately with trials and tribulation in just about every area of life--maybe some of which I will eventually blog about.

I'm really sad today. DH's sister (whom Daughter #2 went to stay with--in Hawaii--to help during her difficult pregnancy) ended up delivering the baby about 11 weeks prematurely over the 4th of July weekend. At first everything looked great and then they discovered a hole in the baby's stomach. They did surgery to repair the hole and everything looked good--until last night. Sadly the baby did not survive. Everyone is feeling rather shell-shocked and DH's sister and brother-in-law are just devastated.

Having been through 2 miscarriages, a loss at birth from a lethal birth defect and having a stillborn baby myself, I know a bit about loss and feel their pain. It's not a road easily traveled. I am so sorry that they have to go through this pain again as this is not the first baby they have lost either. Their first was born at 22 weeks and did not survive. They do have a growing, healthy little girl that is just a couple of days older than our little guy, Son #6.

Please pray for them. You can call them C & D (and their little daughter is S). The Lord will know who you are talking about. Also since our Daughter #2 is over there with all of this going on she is grieving as well. She is a serious baby lover and this is pretty heart breaking. TIA


Fruitful Harvest said...

Oh Kris,
So sorry to here that kind of news!
I will keep her in my prayers!

Sorry I have not been in blogland lately. Life here has been busy and when i have had time I wanted to spend it visiting my real life friends on my back porch with a glass of hot tea. (our weather has been chilly) But is finally warming up. It is to be HOT all week!

Peace and Love,


Teena said...

praying, Kris.

tried to leave a comment and computer bumped me off.

praying for all of them and your dd.

praying for your blah's.

God has really been speaking to me and I am changing. Life is difficult and sometimes I just do not understand why but then He calls me to trust. Like I said ... not easy. Lately it has been difficult.

My Wes turns 7 this coming week. I will never have another 6 yr old. WOW. Life is changing. ....

Hugs & love,