Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mmmmm... Garlic

I love garlic!!  Aside from keeping vampires away it's also so very good for your heart and immune system.  And it tastes so good!!  The varieties that I grow in my garden are...
  • Chet's Italian (pictured in the braid above)
  • German White
  • Incheliam
  • Khabar
  • Klaver
  • Kidwell Heirloom
  • Nootka Rose
  • Metechi
  • Music
  • Lorz Italian
  • A mystery garlic that I didn't write down the name before I planted it.  :-)
I bought all but the Chet's Italian from Travis Weedman at bloosqualls garlic farm.  It is fabulous!!! 

I'll grab a picture of my garlic bed and post it as soon as I'm able.  Here's what it looked like last fall right before winter set in...  It looks really different now!!

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