Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Confessions of a Weird Mom

I confess. I'm a weird mom. I enjoy my kids and encourage them to be themselves. Many Christian moms would never let their kids listen to Christian rap or screamo--any of that alternative music. Or grow their hair out. I do have standards though. I don't let the girls wear trashy clothes or the boys slouchy bum looking stuff. No one has gotten a tattoo yet (the subject does come up occasionally). We kind of walk a thin line between what's "acceptable" behavior for conservative Christians, I suppose.

Son #3 has been growing his hair out to put it in dreads. His hair hangs in tiny tight frizzy ringlets and won't do anything that it's told to do!! Rarely does he have a good hair day. Most of the time he keeps it under a beanie cap--but it's getting too warm for that now and it makes him look kind of scary anyway. (Technically he's kind of getting used to looking scary no matter what he does!!) He's almost to the point he wants to be at with the length. He can keep it in a ponytail for a while before it works it's way out.

Anyway, he actually got his sister (Daughter #2) to straighten it out for him cause he was wanting to see how long it really is and then he took some pictures... I just had to share!!! Giggle!!
I'd swear that he was in an 80's heavy metal band or something!!! Too funny!!

That evening, after a shower, his hair was back to normal. It's a bit longer now but this is basically what it looks like (he's wearing gel to tame it)...
People ask him all the time if his hair is naturally curly like that. They all love it. He'd love to trade!! :-)


grammy said...

My oldest son ( 33..married with 4 girls) has hair like that. SO curly...Blond when little and then light brown...now shaved. It seems to be the style for young men and it takes care of his problems...well at least your son isn't fighting a little baldish spot (o:
The oldest girl has very curly hair...at least it is not always in a frizz because her Mom helps her manage it...go back to the post of her BD and you will see it. The next has straight...the next two have polite curls (o:

Teena said...

wow he looks so different with it straightened and then not.

We are a lot like that too.... you know you and I emailed once about all this....

I have our big computer up and going now... although it doesn't load very fast.

I have gained 20 of my 40 back. Been kinda down.... wanting to eat TONS of sweets. Life is full. Situation still hard most of the time but not as intense if that makes sense.

How is that NEW grandbaby? Are they still living in Miss?