Monday, April 26, 2010

It Was Lost But Now It's Found...

Hooray!!!! Today Son #1 brought me my camera!! It was amongst a bag of stuff that had been sitting in his truck for some time. What a relief!!! I mean you can see why I was so distraught when access to these pictures weren't to be had...

Three crazy little boys with their fake mustaches!! Gives me the giggles each time I see them!!

And Son #6's Sixth birthday!! What a cutie!!

Our new buckling Zinnie whom DH brought home to me from Tennessee on his way home from his trip to the HPBA show in Orlando over a month ago.

Never having had just one goat kid before we didn't account for the kid's loneliness (our big goats had a hard time accepting him into the herd. Poor little guy!!). Thinking to kill 2 birds with one stone we decided that we would get him a companion and decided that a Great Pyrenees puppy would do the trick. Her name is Daisy and she is a rascal. She only wants to be with people (not good for a livestock dog) and is way too frisky!! She jumps on us (not nice when she's full grown), bites us, scratches us, etc... We're trying to use her real name and not "bad dog" when we attempt to discipline/train her. :-) Ah, the first year is the hardest!! She sure is pretty though!

While I'm trying to not grieve too terribly for all the lost picture opportunities, I'm so happy to have my camera back!! Moving on now...

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grammy said...

So glad you found your camera
how hard that would be to loose one
the pics are cute (o:
and a puppy
a giant puppy
oh my
several farm blogs seem to have those Giant Puppies