Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wild Violet Jelly

When we bought our current home nearly 12 years ago there was a ton of this groundcover in the flowerbeds. The following spring we were surprised with loads of gorgeous little blue (violet) blooms. Until recently I never knew that these were wild violets. Then the other day I found a recipe for making wild violet jelly over at 5 Orange Potatoes (great tutorial and pictures!!) and was so excited!! I had the kiddos help pick the best blossoms we had left (oh, if only I had found this recipe a week earlier!!) and the next morning I made the jelly. It is totally delicious!! It tastes like peach soda with a hint of spicy rasberry. And it's so pretty!!

(The picture quality isn't that great--my camera is still lost so I have to use my Blackberry as a camera for now. Waaahhhh!!)

Next spring I'll be ready!!


grammy said...

I was just here earlier...and didn't leave a comment...shame on me. I guess I had not heard from you in awhile so thought you weren't visiting anymore.
The cub is 25...so not really up to me anymore if he dates. I certainly understand where you are coming from (o:
Thanks for the comment. It means a lot.

Never heard of that jelly..sounds yummy

Kari said...

Our wild violets won't come up until later on in the year, but we have a lot that grow in our back yard!

This year I'll harvest them and try making some jelly.

Thanks so much for sharing! :)

Fruitful Harvest said...

I don't know were to get wild violets!
This is the 4th blog I've read about making violet jelly! I envey! I have no violets! :(

Warm Blessings,