Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lemon Tree Update

Last May I posted this picture of Daughter #3's Lemon Tree (grown from a lemon seed she planted when she was just a toddler) in bloom.

After a very long wait, here is what we were rewarded with. This lemon was really big and fragrant. There are couple more to harvest that are almost ready too.

I've been told that lemons from trees grown from seed are small and full of seeds. Not so in this case as you can see. Very juicy!! The flavor wasn't as strong as some lemons that I've eaten (yes, around our place we eat lemons!!) but still very tasty.

It would be nice if Daughter #3 enjoyed gardening a lot more because she has a very VERY natural green thumb (it's almost supernatural!!). So much so that I'm green with envy!! I have to work hard at growing things and they languish away under my care. I try so hard to achieve a small part of what just falls into her being. Sigh. It's a good thing that I love gardening!! ;-)

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