Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy (late) 28th Birthday Son #1

I've been negligent in publicly reporting poor Son #1's birthday that wasn't (toward the end of February). It happened during the time that I was sick--all of us were sick. Then things were totally weird and hectic with catching up after we started to feel better. We did manage to have cake but with finances the way they've been there wasn't any gifts to open. We didn't even sing "Happy Birthday"!! How can a person have a birthday without the traditional birthday song I ask??? Poor guy!!

Happy 28th Birthday Son!!!

The ultimate "Block Master". He still loves building!! He'll build with anyone willing to sit long enough.

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grammy said...

Happy Birthday to Him!!!
Lemon tree very pretty and the Lemon Flower she's sweet.... I always sing that to the Grands (o: