Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Latest Comings and Goings

DH has been gone for a whole week now at the HPBA show down in Orlando and should be home tonight!! Yippee!! Son #6 has been asking "When WILL my daddy be home?" since the second night. :-)

Tomorrow is Son #6's 6th birthday but we're not having his party until Friday evening. Give DH a bit of a breather before the festivities.

DH is bringing home a new little Nubian buckling that he picked up on his way home for me. I'm so excited. We haven't been able to breed our does for the past couple of years since we lost our old buck. I don't know if this little guy will be old/big enough to breed this October (for March kids) but it's nice knowing that we'll have him for the future.

Headed off home to wait for DH's arrival!!


grammy said...

A BD and a goat(I think anyway) and a return of daddy all at once. How fun is that. My Granddaughters BD is Monday the 22nd. She will be 8. Party time.

jenny bento said...

hi--somewhat unrelated, but do you recommend any churches in the springfield, mo area? anywhere from carthage to branson would be helpful. we'll be traveling and wanted to find a church to attend when in town. thanks!

GrammyK said...

Sorry, I can't help you out! :-( I'm not really familiar
with the area.

jenny bento said...

no problem! thanks!