Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Is In The Air!!

Spring is in the air!! The winter was so long. And while we're probably still in for some cold temps and all, I finally feel hopeful that it will be spring for sure soon!! :-)

My daffodils are up and will be blooming soon!

The daffodils at the edge of our woods.

Son #5 collecting eggs. The chickens are finally laying again!!!

We have "Easter Egg" Chickens (Americaunas). The shells are so pretty.

And this is my all time favorite spring sound... Spring Peepers!!


Teena said...

love the new look... and YOUR SPRING!

I am so ready!!!

I understand about craziness and sometimes this life being hard. Believe me .... whew some days I want to just give up but it is then that HE gives me grace that is sufficient.

ps how is Silas doing with the new little one? How are they all doing?

grammy said...

I had my volume up to loud and that sounded like something out of the Twilight zone. Scared me to death. I turned down the volume and it was nice... but i wouldn't want to wake up to it (o: