Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our Comings and Goings in Pictures

Life is proving to be just as busy in 2010 as it was in 2009 (as if I really thought it wouldn't be!!). I just haven't had much time for blogging. But now that I have a few spare minutes I wanted to share some of the pictures that I've taken recently...

This is one of the pictures that we took of the December 31st blue moon (it's not very good I'm afraid). The last time that we had a blue moon on December 31st was 19 years ago (it runs a 19 year cycle) and Son #3 and his cousin #1 were just celebrating their first birthdays. Back then I don't think I even knew what a blue moon was. :-) I like this picture because you can just barely see the trees and it looks rather ghostly.

And here's Son 3# (left) with Cousin #1 (right) (picture taken last fall). They were born just a day apart and this year celebrated their 20th birthdays during the New Year's Eve blue moon. :-)

The bird feeder in our front yard is the hoppin place to be right now!!! This was taken from our schoolroom window. There are usually more birds but I think that the commotion of opening the window scared a few off. As fast as the bird seed is going this year I have a suspicion that we are feeding most of our neighborhood's feathered friends.

I had to take Daughter #1 to the dentist yesterday and since we were having such a heat wave (mid 30s) I decided to stop at the Bagnell Dam access point to see if I could spot any eagles. I did see one and tried to get a good picture but didn't have such good luck.

Here's the best shot that I got. I enlarged the picture of the eagle and put it in the bottom left hand corner. The red arrow shows where the eagle was in the picture. Like I said, not the greatest shot.

These are some of the gates closer up. The gulls were flying around looking for fish. The hanging icicles were pretty big.

Here's a view from above the dam at the observation deck. There are two large trucks carefully driving by each other. One was a snow plow and the other was a large truck towing a huge flatbed trailer. The road is quite skinny and I really don't like driving across there myself.

The beautiful Lake of the Ozarks

Just thought I'd share. :-)

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Teena said...

Awesome pics! Love it! Love seeing the pics of your kids too. Love the new blog look! How about I give you my password and you can fancy mine up!


I really wish we could arrange marriages for our kids... I know that is random but ... :)