Monday, January 4, 2010


Where is all that Global Warming when you need it??? It is COLD!!! And I wouldn't mind it so bad if I didn't worry about our animals. We have things battened down pretty well. There's 1+ inches of snow on the ground with more coming the middle of this week. But it's the cold that's really hard.

Visions of lush, green gardens are dancing in my head!!!


grammy said...

it is warm here... 32 right now... but after some of that 9 degrees weather, this feels warm.

Teena said...

It is freezing here!! So unusual for S. GA. It is 27 w/ wind chill 21...that is so good for us. It is a wet/damp cold.

Suppose to stay this way all week! And on Friday be around 17!!! With snow flurries! I hope we do get snow if it has to be this cold we could at least have snow! My littles have never seen it!

Miss talking to you!


grammy said...

Me again. It is back to cold. 10 degrees. Crazy weather.
My #1 son that performed the wedding also did the minister role at his cousins Hawaii. It was only the bride and groom and my son and his wife. We have been there once. Only because we stayed at a friends place. It is beautiful, but much like being here except for the beach. The only job you really have is do the rehearsal dinner, but, hello... that would be expensive over there. There really are no rules anymore about who does what. I feel for you about the expense of going over there. As far as the being involved in the 'stuff' maybe you will have to wait till a daughter gets married (o:
Sorry, I haven't really been that much help.