Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Co-Sleeping Funnies

Son #6 still sleeps in our bed despite the fact that he will be 6 in just three months. We have a king size bed so it's no big deal. Most all of our children have slept in our bed for a period of time. He's just done so the longest.

I find it ironic that we knew a couple many years ago who had a six year old still sleeping in their bed--and I thought that it was just too much. Outrageous!! We would never do that!!! Yeah. So here we are. :-)

This little guy, Son #6, is such an adorible goofball!! He makes me laugh all the time!! He has recently gotten into scaring us whenever he can. He loves to sneak up behind us and roar and make us jump and scream. Usually I know when he's trying to scare me and pretend to be scared so that he'll get his alloted scare moments taken care of. He'll tell me "Ok, I've got to scare you three more times" or however many he's designated in his head. Sometimes though, he really does scare me.

And sometimes at night when DH gets up to go to the bathroom Son #6 will climb under daddy's pillows and against the wall. DH will come in and lay back down and all will be quite for a few moments until... Roar!!! Out he pops, nearly giving DH a heart attack. I try to warn DH now when he climbs back into bed so that he can act scared but not really BE scared. But before, I really did think that DH would figure it out. Many a time he would be sleeping again while I would still be giggling after seeing him jump up out of bed with our little guy bursting out from under the pillows roaring. Yes, I'm terrible.

The other night though, he had me laughing good. He just wasn't ready for bed and wanted to stay up longer and play the Nintendo DS. Naturally, I told him "no, it was time for bed". He lay in bed and then sat up on his pillow next to me with his hands waving over my head saying, "Go to sleep. Go to sleep..." I pretended to be asleep and then he'd holler "WAKE UP!!" We did this a few times until I told him that daddy was trying to sleep and he needed to be quiet. So he whispered "Go to sleep" while waving his hands over my head again. After a minute or so he asked me if I was awake and I lay there pretending to be asleep. Satisfied that I was sleeping he started waving his hands over my head again only this time he said "I can play the game. I can play the game." Needless to say that his subliminal messages not only didn't work, but I scared him when I started laughing so hard that I almost woke up daddy!!

I love sharing our sleep space with our little ones. This little guy especially. From the time he was about 18 months or so until he was about 4 he would wake up in the middle of the night several times a week and want to play with mommy while we nursed. I always tried to look at it as special one on one time, just us two, so as not to be grumpy about being kept awake in the middle of the night. Thankfully he doesn't do that anymore but he still has to wind down for about half an hour before he can actually go to sleep. Who knows what silly things he'll do in that time. I'm so thankful for all the sweet and funny memories!!


grammy said...

I could never do the "sleep with mommie and daddy" thing.
we had a full size bed and it was so crowded (o:
they would come in and stay for awhile, then I would either carry them back or walk them back
must admit, some times i would stay with them (o:

Fruitful Harvest said...

Hi Kris~
Yes the family bed is a special place! The kiddos will aways remember~
We have a king sized bed and 4 of us sleep there Me,Hubby and our 4 and 2 yr olds.
The past week the "N" boys (ages 10& 7) that share a room have been in our room on our floor!
This morning my Hubby said," Look at those two pups! They were snuggled next to each other sleeping with their faces peeking out! SSSOOOO cute!
Our 15 and almost 13 yr old boys sleep in their room and only come in to visit or "talk about whats on their heart" as we are all getting ready for bed! We love that!

Well the weather here is VERY windy and rainy today! I hope the power does not go out. I got up early and ran the dishwasher and some laundry just in case!
Jackie and I made french toast for everyone and now here my bath tub calling!!! Hee Hee Giggle Giggle!

So with my Hot Orgainic Chai Tea in hand I will attempt to take a soak! (I hope for longer that 5 mintutes) Everyone usually comes trotting to the traugh at the sound of the running water!)
While the kiddos watch Ice Age on DVD~