Sunday, January 17, 2010

Of Books and Beauty

After years of waiting to have some extra money to buy new bookshelves (or have DH build me some), Sons #1 & 3 scrounged around in our barn and dug out on of my old (particle board WalMart special) bookshelves to add to our bedroom. I have one in there already that's keeping my more recent (past 2 or 3 years worth) book purchases but I really want to get my boxes of books out of the storage buckets that I've been storing for some time now. I've missed them so much. We boxed them up while doing some remodeling and I just never brought them back in. Out of sight but never out of mind!!

I confess, I am an official bookaholic. Don't worry about finding a recovery group for me 'cause I'm perfectly happy wallowing in my addiction!! When I buy a book, I always try to buy a used one first--one small way of living "green". Mostly I buy from eBay, Amazon or but I love looking in thrift stores or at yardsales too. Even better are ones that are given to us!!

When I became a Christian (nearly 21 years ago) we had three small children and very little spare cash. One day I discovered a beautiful blue velvet covered book at our Christian book store and just had to have it. It was by Anne Ortlund and titled, "Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman". I am ever so glad that I bought that book. Even though I hadn't been a Christian for long, that book was water for my thirsty soul. Oh how I longed to be beautiful and feel approval!!

One of the first teachings I learned through Anne was to "practice the presence of Christ". I am so thankful that I learned this principle early on. Not only did I learn that He would never leave me or forsake me but that I could speak my heart to Him at any point during the day--or the night--because I was always in His presence. My good deeds were before Him (loving my husband and children, running my home in a pleasing manner, etc...) as well as my bad ones (saying hurtful things, thinking bad thoughts, having a tantrum, etc...). It's always been easier for me to repent and seek forgiveness when I know that God is not pleased with my behavior. It helps me to be real and genuine when I understand that nothing can be hidden from His eyes. And though He desires that I do my best, I know He loves me even when I'm acting my worst. He patiently waits for me to come to my senses, suck it up and ask for His help and forgiveness.

This same wonderful book is not in my posession any longer since it was a victim of the flood we lost everything to in 1993. I have replaced it with another copy and it is in one of those storage buckets that I'm eagerly waiting to empty. I want, no NEED to read it again!! It's been many years since I last read it but I know that the Lord will speak to me again through it. So much time has passed since I first read it but the desire to be beautiful and approved is still there and maybe even stronger than ever!!


grammy said...

I love books too
but i must admit
I am more of a novel addict
and the computer has stole some of my reading time
how about you?

grammy said...

I left a comment.. but it seemed to vanish
I will check back later to see (o:

GrammyK said...

We got our first computer in 1993 and my book reading time diminished dramatically from that point on. I have always had a habit of reading while I eat. But now I try to focus on who's around the table with me rather than having my nose in a book. It is hard to find the time to read nowadays. I try to get in my fair share though.

I do enjoy novels too. I love all of Beverly Lewis' books and Frank Peretti's. I used to read loads of Star Trek but fell out of that when there wasn't any more series stuff on TV. :-)

Most of my books tend to be more practical though--gardening, crafts, food, christian living, ...
I love to learn! :-)

Teena said...

I do not do many novels but enjoy other books... books books... lol

I am reading several at the same time!
5 conversations you should have with your daughter.
Thriving in a difficult marriage ;)
Raising Maidens of Virtue (w/ Alyssa).

What was Scottie in?

Love hearing from you.


Fruitful Harvest said...

I am a book hound....I love books!
I have book cases in every room.
I am awaiting the A ok from Hubby to buy another one.


ps my littlest one just came down stairs to nurse! So off I go!
I pray you are having a good day!