Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spare Time Project

This last week I was going through a few bags of things that I had tucked away--mostly craft stuff--and I found a bag of hemp cord and a bunch of beads. I remembered that I had bought this stuff in 2006 on our last vacation to Galveston. I wanted to make macrame' neclaces with shells that we found on the beach. I did make a few and liked them a lot. In fact Daughter #2 wore hers until it disintegrated. :-) Also in this bag were some neclaces that I had started but never finished. I think that I was discouraged with my ability to make them do what I wanted them to do. After looking them over I thought I'd go ahead and try to finish one of them up. Well, one success led to another and over the past few days I've spent most of my spare moments (plus some schoolwork time) in whipping up these beauties!! I'm addicted!!

Some of these are birthday gifts and belated Christmas gifts. A couple belong to children who begged until I made them one. The black and white one with the black dice belongs to Son #3. Actually it is a replacement for the one that I made him for his 19th birthday over a year ago that he wore until it fell apart. He never even suspected that *I* made it (the first one) until I told him. I will only ever make this style for him--his very own exclusive, ooak necklace. :-) Read this blog post to see why...

The kids have suggested that I try to sell them. And someday I might. For now it's just a lot of fun. When I run out of people to give them to I might try selling them--if I still like making them. :-)


Teena said...

How cool... I want one!

I would buy them!

ps Mandi is 21 today!

grammy said...

They are very special
and I can see how that would be addictive
I read about your sons dream (o: