Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Daughters #2 & 4 had their birthdays this weekend but we were all too sick to celebrate. We are postponing cake and presents until we are well again. Sigh.

We've been sick for over a week now and those who were sick first are still struggling. I don't really care for long lasting sickness. But what can we do? Bear it patiently, I suppose. Glory in our weakness. Sigh. Thankfully the weather has been rather miserable or I would've had a real struggle keeping the younger children inside and resting. It's been ages since we've had school what with the cousins visit and now being sick. We are all shouting, "I can't wait to be well again!!!!"

Oh well, until next time...

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Fruitful Harvest said...

Hi there Kris~
I pray you had a healthy Easter...and enjoyed your day!