Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Comings and Goings

I had been planning for a bit now to write and acknowledge all of our end of the year birthdays but things get so crazy around here at this time of the year with all of the celebrating and then trying to get back into normal everyday life... well, it's just pretty crazy.

First our adorable grandson turned one just a few days before Christmas. He was so cute opening his presents and playing with his toys.

Then there was Christmas. We had a small and quiet celebration. Nothing like our normal crazy gift giving!! The economy might've had something to do with that. ;-) The children actually enjoyed it more saying that it was nice to not be overwhelmed with so much and the little ones didn't get super hyper from all the stimulation.

Son #4's birthday was the day after Christmas--double digits. The big One Oh. I remember that age and feeling so "grown up". :-) We bought him a youth bow and arrow set, his first "Air Soft" handgun and ammo, a nice set of binoculars, and his siblings got him a video game. He had a bunch of video games on his wish list but we wanted to do something more "physical" this year. He was in heaven and thanked us profusely for his gifts. Ahhhh... A little appreciation. :-) He is normally quite hard to please.

A few days later was our beautiful Daughter-in-law's birthday. We made her our "Special Cake" that has lots of caramel and whipped topping with heath bar sprinkled on top--our family's favorite cake. A little cash was in order as well, though not as much as usual. :-(

Then the next day it was Son #3's birthday. 19!!! I'm still in shock. How can this happen that they get so old so fast? We bought him a Comparative Study Bible with 4 different versions--the KJV, NIV, NASB and Amplified. He's been after one for a few years now. And since he one day wants to learn to play the bagpipes, I got him a Scottish Chanter and educational DVD that he's been working on learning a little. And of course no older child's birthday is complete without the "one size fits all" gift (aka--Cash).

Now that we are into the new year, there are no more birthdays until the first part of February. Whew!! A little breather. And that's good because I generally end up spending a lot of time in January in the office filing away all of our old records, putting up new ones, getting all the employee/tax stuff taken care of and giving my office a good cleaning. Out with old and in with the new! :-) It's very refreshing.

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Anonymous said...

Kris, just stopping by to say hi. praying for you. How are things going? How is Scott doing?

miss our chats.