Sunday, January 18, 2009

I Dream of... Gardening

About 2 weeks before Christmas my first gardening catalog arrived. Oh what bliss to sit and dream of warmer days and fruitful harvests!! My hopes for 2009 is to grow extra produce (which we usually do anyway) to sell at the farmers market.

God is so creative and I love growing the old fashioned heirloom and open pollinated varieties so that I can save the seeds and not continue filling the pockets of hybrid seed producers. Yes, I am a rebel.

My DH gets so frustrated with me since I am a lover of the unusual sorts of vegetables. Well, not unusual vegetables per se` but the more unusual varieties of “regular” vegetables. Why work so hard to grow what I can simply buy at the grocery store? I love green and white and purple tomatoes. Purple and wax green beans thrill me. Purple and chocolate peppers and colorful lettuce tastes so delicious. But DH wants his tomatoes red, his green beans to really be green, and corn should be yellow. So yes, I will be growing some of those things especially for him but I’m also planning to get a little crazy with some of the more unusual stuff too.

So far my favorite seed catalog this year is from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds right here in Missouri. Their selections of tomatoes and squash are huge!! I'm hoping that we can attend their Spring Planting Festival in May. So much fun!!

This year I also plan to do some pretty in depth companion planting. We normally don't use chemical fertilizers or pesticides in our garden and this year I plan to take full advantage of the Lord's natural use of companion planting to build up our plants and keep away pests. I have so much to learn but I know it's going to be worth it.

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Georgiann said...

Hi Kris~
Very cool. I too love the "differnt" color varities of vegies! This year I will attempt the heirloom tomatoes and some purple carots!

Peace in Christ,