Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We Now Interupt This Blog...

Just thought I'd let everybody know what's going to be going on around here this next week +...

Tomorrow we will be having an early Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's. The children are all excited to see their cousins and Grandma and Paw-Paw Bill. This will be the first time for us to visit my mom and her husband in their new house which is conveniently located next to a little park/playground. And since it is going to be sunny and 60 degrees I'm sure the children will have a great time outdoors. I anticipate lots of fun and good food!! :-) Since DH didn't get our 15 passenger van fixed before he left we will have to combine vehicle forces with Son #1 and their minivan. I really dislike having to drive multiple vehicles to take the whole family out--but we'll manage.

On Thursday I plan to begin a 7 to 10 day fast. My plan is to go raw for an undetermined time after that. Several of the children (the ones with the food allergies) have expressed a desire to do a shorter fast and then to go raw as well (after I finish my fast, of course--with a family our size it's hard to have even one person out of commission). We're hoping that the other children will follow suit--positive peer pressure at it's finest. :-) Anyway. During my fast I will be spending most of my time in bed trying to effectively detox. Therefore I won't be blogging during that time.

And if you feel led, please pray for me as I appear to have poison ivy on my face. Again. Sigh. Yesterday I was standing on the porch and one of our cats was on the railing in front of me. I was petting him and he rubbed his face against mine. Nothing unusual for me. But about lunchtime I started to feel that painful swelling, stretching, poky feeling on my cheek and eyelid. Not connecting the dots, I rubbed and scratched at my face for several hours before I got the signal that something was NOT right. Of course I immediately washed my face with soap and cold water but the damage had already been done. The swelling is not too bad at this point but, if it is indeed poison ivy, I will know for sure tomorrow. Since it is on my eyelid I'm sure my eye will swell shut. That is a terrible feeling. During the peak of misery I will be in bed fasting so hopefully that will help speed the healing process as well.

Last but not least, Son #2 has put up a blog to share his pictures and details of what's going on with him over in Hawaii. If you want to visit, the link is www.luminescentfool.blogspot.com I can tell he's having a great time hanging out and seeing the sights.

I'll let you all know how the fast went and how my face fares after Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!


Georgiann said...

Hey Kris~
Are you doing the detox with your new Vita Mix? If so could you post what you make with it each day? Or just keep track and post it when you are done?
I will keep you in my prayers! If I don't "talk" to you before Thanksgiving....I pray yours is great.
Answer me back here at your post...I will check back....I get email up dates.


Tricia said...

I'm praying for you Kris. I hope the swelling and ickiness goes away quickly.

Wonderful family you have.

grammyK said...

I most definitely will be using my Vitamix after I fast. I will be fasting until Thanksgiving taking in water only and then I will spend the next day drinking only green smoothies. After that I plan to continue to be raw with lots of awesome recipes I've discovered--hopefully forever!! I'm sure I'll have setbacks but the goal is to be completely raw. When you end up feeling awful and exhausted most of your waking time, it's time to do something different!! Anyway, I will be sure to keep you posted as to what I'm eating and how I'm making it. Hopefully with pictures too. Son #2 bought a new camera so I'm hoping that they will send mine back to me!! :-) Blessings!! Kris