Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And the Results Are...

Sorry it's taken so long to post and tell everyone how my fast went. I did make it to 7 full days. Much of that time I don't remember very well. The first 3 days were the worst with hunger and weakness. After that, the hunger was more manageable--but still very present. On the fourth day I decided that I just couldn't stay in bed anymore and spent my time thereafter doing light housework. And yes I did end up cooking most of our family's meals after that fourth day. By the fifth day my vision was so blurred that I had to use my strongest reading glasses just to see well enough to get around--and forget reading!! I broke my fast Thanksgiving morning with a couple of apples for breakfast, cooked carrots for lunch and then ate a light Thanksgiving meal for supper. I admit that it was a pretty harsh way to break the fast but I survived. :-)

I am not raw. You see, every year I have at least one raw food binge since I discovered the raw food diet about four years ago. Each time the Lord speaks to my heart that this is not the diet He desires for our family but that we are to eat the Weston A. Price diet--also known as a "traditional" or "slow foods" diet. He is so patient with me to keep redirecting my attention to this idea when I get all crazy with my raw food binges. And not that it's not good for me to eat lots of raw food. It's just that it's not what He wants as a permanent solution for our family.

I love the whole theory of the raw food diet. But in reality it just doesn't work well for me--a protein type--and for feeding our large family. I have many raw food books and so many of them talk about how we are designed to eat raw fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds only--but in using the Bible as our standard, I wonder that if this were truely the case why does the Word not direct us to eat this way. When we were given the dietary laws why not at least add in "Better yet to not eat meat at all and nothing cooked"? And why liken the Promised Land to a "land flowing with milk and honey"--two taboos on a strict raw vegan diet? Or as one of my favorite verses in the Bible says: "You will have plenty of goats' milk to feed you and your family and to nourish your servant girls." (Psalm 27:27)

Raw fooders blame cooked food on every disease in existance but I conclude that it is more an issue of laziness, greed and gluttony. I know in my case I tend to be lazy when it comes to preparing a wholesome meal and the food industry is eager to make money off of me by selling easy to prepare "meals" which have no nutrition to speak of and is loaded with all sorts of nasties. Then we just plain tend to eat too much anyway.

In many ways, our family eats a more traditional diet than most since we live on our little hobby farm and we garden. But it's still difficult to slow down and cook in a traditional way in our busy lifestyle.

What can I say? We're a work in progress. :-)


Georgiann said...

Hi there Kris~
So you did survive YAH!
I do through the raw food binges too from time to time.
I think people can eat healthy with ggod planning. I use my crock pot about 3 days a week...we eat salad every night. I prep and cut ALL veggies and put them in a bin or bag for a easy salad grab. I have a cooking blog that I started....then did not put in any entries,I think I will start again.
Its called The Rustic Kitchen.
It you go over there don't laugh...there are only a few entries. Its still in the baby stage as I did not know how I wanted to present my recipes ect.
It hard to remember to take pictures at dinner time.

Peace and Prayers,

grammyK said...

Your recipe blog looks really nice!!! Yes, it's hard to remember to take those pics!! And usually, for me, our kitchen isn't very pretty after the meal is done so I'm less inclined to WANT to take a picture! Ha Ha!! And we love our crock-pot too! So keep up the good work!! I love reading and trying new recipes. In fact I think that I will start sharing some of mine as well. You've inspired me!! :-)