Friday, November 14, 2008

And They're Off...

Before daylight this morning I dropped my two adventurers off at the airport. I cried like a baby. But hey, these are my men!!! It was raining and as I pulled away I couldn't decide which was harder to see through, the rain or my tears.

We overpacked DH's suitcase by 12 lbs. and they wanted to charge him an extra $50. They somehow managed to stuff the extra into Son #2's case though they said that it was bulging pretty badly. I sure hope the zipper holds!!

It's funny how the children and I joked around saying that we were going to P~A~R~T~Y after they left--but I SO do not feel like partying!! Boo Hoo!!

The guys have my camera and while I'm expecting to post some great pictures that they take, I feel such a loss at not being able to take my own. Maybe I can find something cheap on eBay or something!! We'll see anyway.

Son #2 and DH at the Airport

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