Monday, November 10, 2008

The Most Awesome Kitchen Appliance!!

I'm so excited!! DH and I spent the night out last Friday--we usually try to do this once a month or so--and on Saturday we popped in to our Sam's Club to pick up a few things. There was a nice couple doing demonstrations with Vitamix machines. They whipped up a bunch of stuff and it was absolutely delish!! So much so that DH decided that we needed one!! We also bought the grain grinder attatchments too. So far we've made several smoothies, ice cream, some tortilla soup (that wasn't as good as we tasted at the demonstration but I'll keep working at it), a loaf of whole wheat bread and a loaf of apple, cinnamon, raisin bread.

We dabble a lot in raw foods and this will be such a help in making smoothies and mixing up stuff. I am sooooo... excited!! :-)


Anonymous said...

wow that is neat~ I know you will enjoy it. We went away for the night Friday night too. :)


Georgiann said...

Hey Girl~
You are one blessed duck (sort of like a lucky duck but better!) LOL
My hubby will not get me one of those.....Yes they are way cool!!!!
Can you make me some of that tortilla soup and send it over? Just kidding. What fun! What have you made so far?

Peace in Christ,

Anonymous said...

I love your new blog. THe pictures are great. THanks for stopping by and encouraging me. I am so glad that I have been able to stay home for the last two days and I am starting to feel a little bit refreshed. I have admired that Vitamix machine for awhile. I wondered if it was so wonderful when you got it home. Now I realllly want one.