Friday, February 22, 2013

Q Aftermath

Well, we did get some snow.  And some sleet.  Actually it was sleet, then snow, and then more sleet.  About 7 or 8 inches total.  The top was thick and crunchy enough for the Dachshunds to walk on!!  But the temperatures were above freezing today and everything is already melting into history.  DH and his uncle took turns playing working hard with the snow-blower to clear pathways to walk and the driveways in case we needed to go somewhere.

The Robins here don't migrate.
The other day I was walking one of the dogs and
I discovered a whole flock of Robins looking for
treats in the wooded area next door to us.  There
were at least 20 of them and I wished that I had
had the camera with me because I've never seen a
whole group of Robins like that before.  :-)

The sun was trying to peak out of the clouds and was
very pretty on the snow.
By the time I got the the picture I wanted the sun
had went back behind the clouds.

But here it is!!
The sun and snow are just beautiful together!!

Son #6
Does anyone else's children like to lay down in the snow?

The three youngest boys (#4, 5, 6)
Son #5 is ready to attack with his Bokken sword and the
other boys aren't even paying attention!

Behind the boys is our mobile home that we are slowly remodeling.  We have been working to replace the windows and rotten wood (LOTS of rotten wood).  Whenever we get a warmish day DH works on it as much as he's able.  We have the one new window in at the left side and have removed one that was leaking badly between the new one and the large window beside the door.  The large window beside the door is ready to be taken out and 2 new smaller ones ready to be put in--in place of the 1 large one.  We are also replacing the blue vinyl siding for white siding to help keep the heat down in the summer.  We have so many enormous shade trees growing all over the property--except to shade our mobile home.  Go figure.


So, now I'm pretty much done with winter.  Can we have some spring soon?  Please!!

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