Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Onion Seedlings

Tonight, I sit here mentally bracing myself for Winter Storm Q to arrive tomorrow morning.  I'm not sure how hard we will be hit, but perhaps it will miss us completely.  From the looks of the forecast maps we are on the edge of where the storm will hit.  So there IS hope of missing out on all of that wintery stuff altogether.  (fingers crossed)

When did I stop liking winter?  When did I start wishing for the heat of summer as opposed to the cold, snow and ice of winter?  Just a couple of years ago I remember vividly hating the hot weather.  I remember boasting of how easy it was to get warm in winter compared to trying to stay cool in the summer.  Sheesh!  I think I'm getting old!!  :-)

I long to enjoy all of the seasons with their own benefits and charms.  But I'm just not feeling it for winter this year.  I long to be outdoors, puttering around in the gardens and feeling warm for a change! 

When the cabin fever sets in it helps to plant the garden seeds that need to be started indoors.  I love the planning stages of gardening--the perfect garden in my mind where there are no pests or weeds and no ripe veggie is missed and all is handled in due time with tender loving care.

This year I got an early start by planting the Yellow Sweet Spanish Onions that I ordered. 

I didn't count the seeds but there were supposed to be 200. I planted them on February 2nd.

By February 9th they had pushed up a good ways through the seed starter soil.

Most of them were just about an inch+ tall

A few days later they had literally had a growth explosion!! 
Funny little plants.
They remind me of sunflowers in the way that they follow the sun.
See how they are all leaning to the right?
I had just turned them around so that they could reach to the other side for the sunshine--and by the end of the day they will all be leaning to the left where the sun shines in through the window.
I am exercising them.  :-)

Tomorrow I plan to start potting them up into their own little pots to grow happily until it's time to set them out into the garden this spring.     This is my first year to have my onion seeds actually sprout.  Normally I buy the seeds and then don't get around to planting them.  I always think, "I'll just plant them next year when I'm more prepared".  Ha!  As if!!  But this year I set my mind to do it, ordered the seeds, and here we are.  Yay!!    In another week and a half I'll be starting my broccoli, cauliflower and cabbages.    Little by little I am making it through this winter.  One dream at a time.

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Chatty Crone said...

So did you get snow or not? And how I love to plant something and have those little babies grow up!