Thursday, October 4, 2012

Still Here...

I apologize for being so negligent with this here little blog.

And for not following along on what's been going on in
everyone else's lives on the blogs I normally frequent.

I've been pretty introspective and reflective as of late.

And way busy too.

My "wonderful" habit of procrastination has once again claimed my attention these past few weeks since our 2011 corporate business taxes needed to be figured and filed before September 17th (we filed for an extension in March).  It took me over a week to get all that done.  Then I had to get our personal ones all figured out (which aren't quite due until the extension deadline of October 15th--so technically I'm early on that!).  Thankfully I am all done!!  Yippee!!  Freedom!!!!  That was a huge load off my mind.  Yeah, I know that we barely made it in time but now I don't have to worry about any more of that stuff for many more months.  :-)

We have finished filling out all of the application/paperwork for DH to receive Social Security Disability.  It's been well over 2 years since his (failed) Spinal Fusion surgery and he is nowhere able to work.  His pain is still too great and his "good days" are far too unpredictable.  We had hoped that he would recover and be able to have a full time job again.  His doctor was adament--as was everyone else--that, after all this time, he really should file for disability. 

These past few years have been really hard on DH because working is SOOOOO his thing!!!  Honestly there is nothing more than he enjoys doing than working on something--anything.  And being in pain and virtually bedridden for many, MANY months now has been such a thorn in his flesh.  We're almost thinking that with his level of pain and lack of recovery if maybe there is something else going on with his back and plan to have another MRI done in the near future to see if another of his discs have ruptured.  Or if maybe something from his Spinal Fusion has come undone.  Or something.  It just seems like there's more going on since no one can seem to explain why he is still in such bad shape.

Needless to say, I've been up to my eyeballs in paperwork these past few weeks and am glad to have a breather.  :-)  Now I can hopefully get my life back to normal (HA!!!).

Beautiful and interesting cloud formations

We have lots of these funny little critters around the homestead.  They're always such fun to watch!! 

The other morning I was outside and looked over to see a squirrel in the driveway sitting up on his hind legs muching away at something he was holding in his front paws.  It was earthy colored and looked kind of like a stick with little twigs sticking out.  He let me get really close but I still couldn't tell what it was that he was eating.  When he finally scampered off I searched the ground for traces of crumbs to try to figure out what it was and discovered this...  (click on the picture for a larger view)
Squirrels eat grasshoppers!!!!!  Eeeewwww!!! 
Who knew???

Fall is HERE!!!   I am certainly enjoying the cooler temps and the wonderful changing colors all around.  We are in for some cold, wet weather these next few days.  Although I am not ready to be done with my garden, I will surrender to the changing season and do as much as I am able to do still yet. 

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying this wonderful season of fall so far.  :-)

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