Saturday, May 5, 2012

Celestial Happenings

It's been cloudy and we've been having showers off and on for the past few days--and we're expecting chances for more of the same for a few more days.  What can I say?  It's spring!!  :-)  Fortunately, Thursday night, in between the clouds, we were able to go outside and see this...

Without the drawings and words of course!!  ;-)
Very Cool!!!

We also found Mars high in the sky as we were facing south (checking out the Moon/Saturn/Spica conjunction).  We've been watching it make it's way across the sky for several months now.  It has such a beautiful orange hue. 

Then we took a little walk up the driveway and found Venus.  If you can see the western sky, Venus is THE "star" of the sky in that direction!  You can't miss it!!  :-)  Later this month the moon (as a cresent) and Venus will pair up for the last time this year.  In fact, Venus won't be visable shortly after the end of May.  This is one of my favorite night sky objects and I will miss the sight terribly.

Tonight is the "Supermoon".  Also it's the same night (just later--the wee hours of Sunday morning before sunrise) for the peak of the Aquarid Meteor shower as the earth passes through the debris of Halley's comet.  We have NEVER been able to watch on the peak days because it has always been raining.  Maybe this year will be different since we only have a slight chance of rain and they are only calling for partly cloudy skies.  :-P  Of course we don't have an unobstructed view of the sky here at the new place anyway plus the light from the moon will hamper seeing all but the brightest fireballs..  Such is life.  :-)  I've resigned myself to missing most celestial shows for one reason or another.  It used to bother me a lot.  That and missed photo opportunities because of unfortunate circumstances!  :-P  But I'm better at shrugging it off now and letting it go.   I consider myself extremely blessed if things go fairly good for me in those areas!  :-) 

Have a great weekend and don't forget to check out the Supermoon if you're able!

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